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Tea: Cold Buster
AM: S'Mores
PM: M-Soup
Sale price$13.99


Crafted with signature Stella Bistro Foods - it's missing hot water and your tastebuds!

Great for essential workers, students, employee appreciation, camping, truckers, traveling, and busy people with little time to enjoy flavorful moments throughout the day.

Though you're on the go, Stella Bistro Foods cares you have your essentials.

Each Stella Bistro Foods STELLAR Day Pack consists of the desired following:

- Stella Bistro Foods Steamy Eyed Tea
- Stella Bistro Foods Breakfast Starter Oat Cereal
- Stella Bistro Foods Mind Wandering (Quick) Meal
- Stella Luv Potion Dessert

Each SBF product is individually wrapped with instructions for each STELLAR product. Each STELLAR product requires ONLY HOT water, a microwave, your tastebuds ...

INCLUDES ONE of the following Mind Wandering (Quick) Meal:

- MUTT SOUP (our unique version of chicken noodle soup)

All Mind Wandering (Quick) Meal is 100% vegetarian and meat-free!

Just grab and go have a STELLAR day!

The listing price for ONE Stellar Pack. For example, if you wanted one Stellar Day Pack for seven days, enter the quantity as "7"; same for 14, "14", etc ...

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