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Flavor: Original
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Our latest Stella Bistro Foods pantry staples are great for oven baking, air-frying, and as a casserole topper!
Enjoy our various flavors, perfect for veggies, tofu, and proteins of your choice!
Share the flavor at the dinner table with our robust flavors :
Rustic Italian Coats - perfect for appetizers, like fried ravioli, mozzarella cheese, or as a topper for your green bean casserole! 

Try on your eggplant or pickles!
Original Coats - perfect for any occasion, baking dish, or use as a garnish.
BBQ Coats - enjoy our signature BBQ Rub Sultry Spice blended with perfection! Great for oven-baked proteins and vegetables!
Each listing comes with one 12-ounce clear packaging Stella Bistro Foods Dresses & Coats Coating.

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