Stella Bistro Foods Creole Sultry Spice 4 oz. Vegan Gluten-Free Kosher Keto Spicy Mild Seafood Fish Southern Spice

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Enjoy the taste of Southern spices!

Stella Bistro Foods Creole Sultry Spice is the 'go-to' spice staple for seafood pot boils - especially for your dipping sauces!

Take your protein tenders to the next stellar level whether you're baking, grilling, frying, and boiling!

Enjoy the "kicking" health benefits of Stella Bistro Foods Creole Sultry Spice:

- Clears congestion
- Eases headaches
- Offers detox support

DIRECTIONS: Spice to desired taste.
PLEASE NOTE: For a milder spice, Stella Bistro Foods recommends STELLA BISTRO FOODS NOCHES MEXICANAS.

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