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Style: Zesty Rustic
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Get together for book club, movie night in the backyard, studying - you name it!
Our Stella Bistro Foods Chum Chum Snacks have curated popcorn snack blends that will 'WOW!' your taste buds!
Enjoy our tasty signature Chum Chum blends:
-  SW Fiesta:  a smoky, citrus, and spiced blend romanced with herbed flavor.
-  Zesty Rustic: an untraditional twist of harmonized herbs and zesty spices.
-  French Roll:  a Heavenly flavor of French Toast and freshly-baked cinnamon rolls 
-  Original: light and classy with a touch of Stella Bistro Foods Universalt  Sultry Spice
Each listing consists of four (4) individually packaged Stella Bistro Foods Chum Chum Snacks. 
Perfect for the office, dorm living, quick snacking, you name it!

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