SOUL PACK- 5 Cold Press Juices

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Enjoy our delicious SOUL PACK! This juice pack is filled with all five refreshing juice flavors! From Mango Me Crazy to Lemon Crush Lemonade, our juice pack is filled with an array of delicious goodness, and is sure to heal your soul!

This product is shipped on ice, using UPS Next Day Air Service.  Shipping fees will be about $30.
Berry Bombshell

This one is kid-friendly! We all know kids are extremely picky, so their stamp of approval gave us the perfect confidence boost! Loaded with tons of fiber and antioxidants and the delicious tastings of strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry, this juice will have the whole playground talking!

Kiwi Do you Love Me

We all know how it feels when the spirit of lethargy hits you after lunch! With the fresh taste of kiwi, celery, apple, and pear, Kiwi Do You Love Me will help you slay that sluggish feeling and get you back in the groove!

Lemon Crush Lemonade

Like, who doesn't love Prince?! We are HUGE fans of Prince! We wanted to honor him and turn this oldie but goodie up a notch. The zing of ginger in this juice will positively keep you alert and awake OR the perfect juice to keep you on your toes!

Mango Me Crazy

Need a quick island getaway but you're stuck at home with the kiddos?! Packed with fresh, ripe mangoes and succulent pineapples, our Mango Me Crazy is just what you need for your quick island stay-cay!

Oh Kale Yes!

Become a superhero of health when you drink our Oh Kale Yes! This juice is filled with the superfood, kale. In addition to the crisp apple taste at the end of every sip, this green goodness might transform you into the Incredible Hulk ready to take on your day! 

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