POKS Spices Jalapeno-Based West African Seasoning (Mild Spicy)

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Just as Cajuns have the holy trinity of bell pepper, onion and celery, West Africans have the holy trinity of hot peppers, ginger and onion. Our POKS Spices West African Seasonings give you the bold and authentic flavors of the West African holy trinity. The Mild Spicy West African Seasoning is a Jalapeño-Based  Spicy Seasoning with no MSG, no Sugar and no Preservatives.


We developed this variety using Jalapeño powder to mimic the flavor of Kpakpo Shito Chile Peppers commonly found in Ghana, West Africa. 


Despite being the lowest in heat intensity of the POKS Spices Seasoning Collection, it still has a kick to it, and it is packed full of flavor. A little sprinkle here, and a little sprinkle there, is all you need.


It is versatile for your cooking applications, as well as making quick appetizers. Love a mean jalapeno dip? Now, you can make your own homemade jalapeno dip with our Mild Spicy seasoning and your own base. 


Cheers as you Discover FlavorFULL Goodness.

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