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Tell us what inspired you to create One Stop Pickle Shop.


One Stop Pickle Shop is a small family owned and operated business that begins with a love for pickles. When the kids were younger and still home we would create different flavors using our household ingredients for a fun, tasty snack. With COVID hitting and our kid’s home for a prolonged period, we found ourselves reminiscing about old times and once again we started experimenting with our all-time favorite childhood snack, pickles! These pickles tasted even better than we remembered so we wanted to share our snack with the world, which birthed our business One Stop Pickle Shop! We now offer over 20 flavors and are excited to have our products featured amongst other BIPOC owned products! 


What’s your Flavor?!


One Stop Pickle Shop stands out amongst the crowd, because of their vast menu of savory, sweet, fruity, and even candy-inspired pickles!  It is amazing how One Stop Pickle Shop tests the limits and boundaries of this traditional pantry item. When we first saw their menu, our team at FLOWS Grocery was in awe of the creative flavors they offer.  Don’t be scurred *Ques Ludacris* give all their flavors a try because you will be pleasantly surprised how much you love the texture and flavor non-traditional flavors like Watermelon, Grape, or Gummi Bear Pickles.  


The BEST Pickles


Since One Stop Pickle Shop has joined FLOWS Grocery, they have been satisfying pickle lovers and winning over the taste buds of newbies.  Our staff favorites are the Sweet Heat Spears, and Glorious Grape!  What we love the most about these pickles is that they have a tender texture, and aren’t too acidic (these pickles won’t bite you back!).  They make the perfect addition to  your burgers, sandwiches, charcuterie boards, bloody mary’s, and more!


5 ways we add One Stop Shop Pickles to our favorite foods!


Make a Tartar Sauce using Texas Firecracker Pickles

Add pureed Sweet Heat Pickles to our Chili

No Big Dill Pickles on our Burgers

Garlicy Peppercorn Pickle Deviled Eggs

Glorious Grape Pickles Paired with our favorite cheese

Protip: Use ANY leftover Pickle Juice as a marinated for your meats!




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