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Meet the Owner

Raphael Uduhiri established in Naija Grille Spice Mix in July 2019, as your one stop shop for all your cooking needs. Bringing an end to bland food one spice bottle at a time! 



How did you get your idea or concept for the business? 

I had my own homemade spice mix that I would use to grill and I kept getting compliments from friends that the food had great flavor so I decided to bottle and sell my homemade spice mix to share with even more people. Naija Grille Spice Mix is unique because it offers the perfect blend of heat and flavor in an all purpose seasoning. Most other spice mixes either have good flavor or good heat, but not usually both in one bottle. 

What was the top motivating factor that made you want to start your business?

I love retail and once I had a product I felt was really good and people were willing to pay for, it was kind of a no brainer.

How has your culture or background influenced your product?

I am originally from Nigeria so my upbringing definitely had a big influence on the spice as traditional Nigeran foods usually are spicy but with great flavors that keep you coming back for more so that was my inspiration.


What obstacles have you faced as a business owner?

Trying to start a business from scratch that you did not have previous knowledge is a challenge. Trying to locate the right vendor for the bottles, and the individual spice ingredients has been challenging but I am learning everyday and continue to research the best places to get the best raw materials for my spice mix.

What's been your proudest moment, or greatest achievement as a business owner?

Everyday I have a complete stranger order the spice is a great achievement for me. Also the fact that I started this business late last year and I've sold over 1000 bottles makes me really proud.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Don't get discouraged when you post/market your products and do get sales/likes right away. Consistency is key! Keep up the activity and don't let up.

What about FLOWS Grocery mission resonates with you as a brand partner?

I am very passionate about Black and people of color owning their own business and having the opportunity to create wealth for themselves and their families.


Naija Grille Spice Mix is available at FLOWS Grocery in the seasoning category.  Our team especially loves using their spices to make air fried wings, spice up our soups, seasoned rice, and more! 



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